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Mt. Carmel Seventh-Day Adventist Church is a friendly church that is dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church promotes the importance of studying the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy writings. Mt. Carmel accepts that it is it's responsibility to share the hope of the soon return of Jesus to our world. Oue church owns it's responsibility to nurture and prepare all mankind to meet Jesus in peace. You are welcome to look into becoming a regular and grow with our church family as we aspire to please our Saviour Jesus Christ and live up to the full potential that He has graciously given us. Take advantage of opportunities to get to know us and what we are all about. We are preparing for the soon return of Jesus Christ.Here are some of our strong points:
               Bible-based Protestant Christian Church
               Heralding a Special Bible Message for This Age
               Friendly, Active, Evangelistic, and Community Focused
              Cross-generational and Diverse Membership
              Regular Bible Classes, Healthy and Practical Living Experiences
              An experienced Pastor and strong family man 
              Promoting Jesus Christ as the One Altogether Lovely 
              Church Has Relevant Program for All Age Groups
              Church Making Space for All Talents and Gifts to Develop
              Church Expansion Through Individual and Group Witnessing
              Loving People Whom Christ Died for and Helping As We Can.
 We invite you to visit this website often and also to come and visit our church. Our three-fold objectives: To dual objectives are to keep our members informed and give our visitors realistic ideas of what to expect. Members will appreciate information provided to update church bulletins and calendar pages.

 Everybody's Going To Make You Welcome!

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